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the injured, two u.s. air force reservists and one navy service member. earlier today, president obama spoke about the tragedy. >> my daughters go to the movies. what if malia and sasha had been at the theater as so many of our kids do every day. michelle and i will be fortunate enough to hug our girls a little tighter tonight and i'm sure you will do the same with your children, but for those parents who may not be so lucky, we have to embrace them and let them know we will be there for them as a nation. so again, i'm so grateful that all of you are here. i am so moved by your support, but there are going to be other days for politics. this i think is a day for prayer and reflection. >> joining me today, "time" magazine deputy washington bureau chief, michael crowley and patricia murphy, contributor to the daily beast. certainly a day of reflection. we are all still processing a lot as it comes to the details of this tragedy. michael, i want to talk about the president's comments, saying this isn't a day for politics, calling for us to -- it's a reminder of the fragility of life and calling
, calling for us to -- it's a reminder of the fragility of life and calling for unity. what did you make of his comments? >> it's always a fine line because there are a lot of people who don't want to be hearing about politics, they don't want -- people want to be very careful about not exploiting a terrible tragedy like this. there is a pretty credible counterargument that says you don't turn it into a political fight where you're trying to get an advantage over your enemies and exploit it but i do think it's reasonable to have a national conversation about the context, about why these things happen, whether there are things we can do to prevent tragedies like this. if a plane crashes because you think the aircraft control system wasn't working, you would talk about how to reform it. but guns is such a volatile loaded subject, i think someone like obama and probably mitt romney are going to step back because they know that walking into that conversation immediately just turns into a distorted politicized -- >> mitt romney is expected to make remarks in the next few minutes. we'll bring
's running on his business credentials. he said that would show us something about the type of president he would be. i want to play what rahm emanuel had to say about this looking at the idea that the president can't just walk away from anything that he owns. >> he signed it. he said chairman, he said ceo, sole shareholder, president. you can't as president of the united states, you can't have a sign on your desk said "gone fishing." you can't put that on your desk. the buck stops there. you can't say to the s.e.c. i was the ceo, chairman and president but i'm not responsible, i'm not accountable. >> joy-ann reid, rahm emanuel coming on strong with the analogies. does that work to say this is like a president who is m.i.a. is that a reach? >> mitt romney wants credit for being in the business world and being in the business world means being the head of bain. he wants credit for his business leadership, meaning he could lead the country, right? you then also have to take responsibility for what happened under your leadership. in an ironic way, what the obama campaign has maneuvered him int
or is he aware? can you tell us, is there something that would affect his demeanor because he seemed to not even pay attention. >> we would have no information about that. that is not something that would be shared with us. >> as the district attorney here, and long-time prosecutor, from the outset does this seem as though it is a slam-dunk case, given the evidence you have amassed so far? >> i would say there's no such thing as a slam-dunk case. it is a case where we will -- we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam-dunk. we will work very hard on this case to prosecute it just like we would any other ce. >> talk about what he's being held on, please, what he was arrested on, please. can you tell us? >> i'm aware that you may not [ inaudible ] but if it was your decision, would this be a death penalty case? >> i don't think that that's a case that can be made in the abstract. there is so much that victims have to take into account and victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years, if the death pen
confessore. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker joins us from the white house. tell us about the event we are about to witness. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. president obama sort of reigniting an old debate here about those bush era tax cuts that you just mentioned. in just a few moments, he is going to be speaking from the east room, pressing congress to extend the bush era tax cuts for one year for families making less than $250,000. this event really allows him to pivot away from last week's disappointing jobs report. also allows him to draw stark contrast with his republican challenger, mitt romney, who has said he wants to see the bush era tax cuts extended for all americans. he says that if you raise them on folks making more than $250,000, that you're essentially raising taxes on small businesses and that will hurt the economy. that is, of course, what we have heard republican leaders in congress say as well. they have already come out this morning and said that they are opposed to what the president is supporting. it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of supp
, there is -- a lot of us have gotten guidance from leadership in the house saying president obama is going to extend these for everybody. it comes down to as david said, hardball versus or just reality, and the question is there's been an idea floated out there that perhaps they would let all of these tax cuts expire and then do something retroactively in 2013. what do you make of sort of the path the president may have to walk down which is, you know, using this rhetoric, using this as a campaign message but ultimately going and extending the rates for everybody? how does that play out among the electorate? >> the path is if they call his bluff and say let's do this. i think he's proposing it with the expectation it will go nowhere, it can become a campaign talking point. if they actually get it it becomes more complicated. there is this bloc of people on the left who said wait a minute, let them all expire. these tax cuts are ruinous for the economy. >> we have stats on just how much the tax cuts cost. if you extend them for one year, for those making $250,000, households making $250,000 or less,
. that's my promise to you. >> joining us now from washington is "time" magazine white house correspondent, michael scherer, his latest piece is titled just a regular guy. in the midwest obama tries for small town -- your piece focuses on retail politicking. i want to talk a little bit about his chief emissary these days, joe biden and his performance at the naacp. there's been a lot of talk. >> i think it's what they like about biden. that was basically at a convention speech. it wasn't a speech just to a constituent group. biden loves that. he loves riling up big crowds like that especially friendly crowds. it's exactly where the campaign wants to put them. i don't think there's going to be many people at that convention feel slighted by the -- >> jonathan, i want to turn to you in terms of, you know, we've talked a lot about the african-american vote, the naacp, whether the president is taking for granted the naacp and the african-american community given the fact that he didn't show up. do you think that this sort of biden goes in, does his work, almost a sort of preacher
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magazine deputy washington bureau chief, michael crowley. erin mcpike, patricia murphy joining us of citizen jane politics and contributor to the daily beast and of course, buzz feed editor in chief, ben smith, also known as the heart and soul of the internet. the presidential election is exactly four months away and today, there are some new responses from president obama and governor romney about these disappointing june jobs report. basically, the president said that these 80,000 jobs that were created last month is a step in the right direction, but not good enough. >> we can't be satisfied because our goal was never to just keep on working to get back to where we were back in 2007. i want to get back to a time when middle class families and those working to get into the middle class had some basic security. that's our goal. >> meanwhile, governor romney called a press conference after the numbers were released from his vacation in new hampshire and said the report is another kick in the gut and it reflects the president's failed policies. >> the president's going to have to s
of surprised -- i won't use the word shocked -- that secretary jay carney didn't have a better answer. i'll play for our viewi ining audience at home for his response why the president was attending the naacp conference. >> i think this is a campaign issue. >> he spoke in 2009. >> it wasn't a campaign issue there. i think the nominee for the other party spoke, as somebody just mentioned. i don't know. i think you have to ask the campaign. i don't know about invitations and schedules, when it relates to the campaign. in this case. >> that's what we call carney asada. the man is getting grilled, slow roasted up there. but really -- >> that's the worst dodge, by the way, for a press secretary. there's only one worse referral which is to the secret service which never answers any phone calls. i refer you to secret service on that one. you never get a phone call returned. ari fletcher had a line, we'll announce something when it's announce bl. words that don't say anything. they're filling out the time. poor jay carney. he should have had it prepared. i remember the time, it wasn't that long
it offensive and i'm a supporter. joining us now from capitol hill is chairwoman of the democratic national committee, florida congresswoman, debbie wasserman schultz. great to have you on the program. >> thank you. great to be with you again. >> i wonder what you make of that comment, this idea of class warfare. is there any concern that this is going to stick? >> well, look, president obama has been fighting for the 98% of americans that would benefit from making sure that americans get a tax break if they're making less than $250,000. in the continued recovery, president obama has been focusing on creating jobs and getting the economy turned around and fighting to make sure that we can extend those tax breaks from 2001 and 2003 for the middle class and let the ones that focus on millionaires and billionaires, the wealthiest most fortunate americans, let those expire because everybody has to pay fair their share while we move the economy forward. so 98% of americans, it's kind of hard to say that that's class warfare. i know don peebles and i know he's a supporter of the president but at
's what ohio's about. [ cheers and applause ] now, i've got to tell you, what's holding us back is not -- where's michelle? you know, look, i know i'm second fiddle, but you know, i'll have michelle come back some time. i'm just the warm-up act. [ cheers and applause ] michelle says hi. >> we love you! >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. now, now, letรง me say this. what's holding us back from going ahead and meeting these challenges, what's holding us back -- >> four more years, four more years! [ chanting ] >> four more years! >> what's holding us back from meeting our challenges, it's not a lack of ideas, it's not a lack of solutions. what's holding us back is we've got a stalemate in washington between these two visions of where the country needs to go. and this election's all about breaking that stalemate. the outcome of this election will determine our economic future not just for the next year or the next two years, but maybe for the next decade or the next two. and i want everybody to be clear about what this choice is. my opponent and his allies in congress, they be
's used this weird timeline of '99 to 2002 when all the bad stuff happened, i wasn't there. >> right. it's a product of the romney campaign's attempt to keep this incredibly simple. in the primary, the same documents were kicking around in the primary and the campaign would never engage in them directly. the republicans opponents were shopping them around but they backgrounded reporters, talked reporters out of writing about it. they kept everything very abstract. there's a saying if you're explaining, you're losing. they clearly believe it. they have not explained everything. in a presidential campaign that's not an option. the heat sometimes gets so hot, you have to explain, you have to engage. what they have succeeded in doing is pushing all the explanation into the summer and fall, when they could have done it last year. >> now you're starting to see republicans question sort of what's going on and how they are handling this. politico has a fairly extensive roster of prominent republican strategists saying you guys are going to have to tackle this. jonathan bernstein in the "washingt
an historic number of seats in the u.s. house and made big gains in the u.s. senate. the cook political report says he believes a majority of the 87 gop freshmen elected in the 2010 shellacking are in good shape but he predicts no more than an eight seat gain for democrats. >> i believe what the american crossroads said is partially true. is it going to be sky-high, probably not. but there will be some mobilization on the republican side for or against, if you will, obamacare. let's be honest. the majority of the people that were for obamacare are voting for president obama and the folks against it clearly will vote for governor romney. the real question is, hopefully we'll have this conversation, is whether or not health care is going to be a major issue for down ballot individuals that are running on state-wide offices come november. probably not. it most likely still will be the economy. we saw a recent poll that came out today that said 44% of americans still frankly do not understand what obamacare is and that's still not the number one issue for them. it still is the economy. at the end
a look. >> joining us now from washington is ken blackwell, former secretary of state from ohio. ken, thanks for joining the program. >> good to be with you. >> so i wonder, having watched that, having watched those excerpts, having watched the speech, how would you grade governor romney's performance and do you think he has convinced anyone in the african-american community to vote for him? anyone who might not have the day before? >> i gave him a b-plus. i think he went into it where he had to be authentic and he had to be cognizant of the fact that he was not only speaking to the folks in the hall, he was speaking to a broader audience. so people would look for inconsistencies if in fact he came across as pandering and inauthentic to the crowd. so i thought he got a b-plus. look, i would have approached the contrast with the president in a little different fashion, and the other point that i would make is that my dad used to tell me, and i have a friend who also says this, tell me who you walk with and i'll tell you who you are, and one of the things that i want to know and folks
this from us. >> the point of a trip like this is to look presidential. look presidential and look presidential. that's it. there should be only upsides, especially you talked about a slam dunk. it's the olympics, too, we're talking mr. olympics. romney's whole brand is based off the fact that he saved the salt lake city olympics. to come there, he sits down with brian williams, gets off a flight, he's jet-lagged, talking to one of the greatest interviewers out there and says these things, takes a pretty hard stand against the people of the host nation. >> i want to play not only the david cameron criticism, but the mayor of london said this in front of 60,000 screaming people. >> i hear there's a guy called mitt romney who wants to know whether we're ready. he wants to know whether we're ready. are we ready? are we ready? yes, we are. >> heather, you work in this field. what do you do there? >> to be fair, he may have angered most londoners but he did collect nearly $1 million from barclays bank and other wall streeters so yeah, i think he was there. he raised a lot of money from
or not they use a service or whether or not they like what's going on. the reason why it matters when we talk about the difference, i think people who supported this which include both presidential candidates emphasize it's a penalty because that means the vast majority of people will never pay it. i think that is the substance beneath this rhetorical debate. >> somewhere between 2% and 1% will be affected by this. i know it's beleaguered but this was a conservative idea at some point in time not all that long ago. now all of a sudden it's become the big boogeyman for the republicans. >> i do want to talk about, though, the stripping down of the affordable care act and some of its provisions. i mentioned the exchanges. the medicaid expansion is the other one which is of course, you know, states saying we don't want help from the federal government, we don't want to expand our medicaid roles. i don't -- the federal government is going to cover 100% of the cost of the expansion and then 90% through 2022. i don't know, richard. again, you don't think it's going to happen? >> i think the states t
of the president's words. >> president obama, you're killing us out here. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? we are the solution, not the problem. >> as the romney campaign distorts the president's comments, it still hasn't found an answer for why team romney continues to shield the governor's tax returns or his involvement in outsourcing practices at bain. willie geist who made the comment, i don't know if the audience heard it, that's the longest phraseology upon a t-shirt ever. >> i'm not talking about the substance. it's the worst t-shirt ever. like the catchphrase, where's the beef, or whatever the kids are doing nowadays. >> it's probably because the president said nothing in this vain at all. i will pledge to play the actual sound bite of what the president said every day this continues to be a line of attack. let's go to the videotape and hear what president obama actually said. >> if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody helped to c
. they are able to use this, the romney campaign, only inofar as they can make it look as a distinction, their view of the way the country works, their view of the way country should be, it comes from the people, it comes from individuals running business. maybe it's out of context, but if they can use that to drive that message that's what they're doing. >> that's what they're doing, richard and patricia. the question is, overall, is anything we're seeing right now going to change what happens in november? there's a bunch of new polling out. things remain largely the same. in terms of handling of the economy, 39% approve of the president's handling of the economy which is down 5% since april. 55% disapprove of the president's handling of the economy, that's up 7% since april. romney's experience at bain, 14% say his bain experience makes them more likely to vote for him. 23% say less likely to vote for him. 60% say no effect. similarish numbers. personal wealth, 5% say romney's wealth makes it more likely to vote for him, 20% say his wealth makes them less likely to vote for him. and 7
returns. how long can this go on? >> until election day. because the metaphor i've been using, imperfect, i'll grant you, is romney has a choice between a slow bleeding wound and opening up his chest cavity. if those are your two choices, sometimes you'll take the slow bleeding wound. there's a good theory out there that was written about in "the atlantic" the other day. "business week," excuse me. used to be "the atlantic." saying that there's a possibility after the '07-08 crash that he paid absolutely no taxes, and that's one thing he just can't release. i think a millionaire republican candidate who paid zero taxes could not survive. the other thing is -- >> i think you're right about citing josh's theory but you don't think he can survive that? >> i think you don't even need 30 seconds for that ad. you need about seven seconds. this guy paid -- this guy makes millions of dollars every year, he paid no taxes, you get a deal like that, i don't think so. >> do you want to elect him president. >> absolutely. it cuts into this core strategy and it was a terrible strategic mistake that he
about in "the atlantic" the other day. "business week," excuse me. used to be "the atlantic." saying that there's a possibility after the '07-08 crash that he paid absolutely no taxes, and that's one thing he just can't release. i think a millionaire republican candidate who paid zero taxes could not survive. the other thing is -- >> i think you're right about citing josh's theory but you don't think he can survive that? >> i think you don't even need 30 seconds for that ad. you need about seven seconds. this guy paid -- this guy makes millions of dollars every year, he paid no taxes, you get a deal like that, i don't think so. >> do you want to elect him president. >> absolutely. it cuts into this core strategy and it was a terrible strategic mistake that he made playing to americans' aspirational nature. we are aspirational. we're willing to tolerate a lot more inequality in this country -- >> i aspire to pay no taxes. >> but the thing is, only if the system's not broken. he proves that it is. >> you can't be the leader of the free world, you can't be talking all this fiscal respon
's the world romney is most used to operating in and it's still true to him. i think, you know, john's column in "new york" magazine this week about why are they stumbling on this, tax returns in particular, it's such an obvious thing. they had to see it coming. why are they not prepared with this story? what are they doing? i think it's because there's a mindset. there's a mindset that is a product of 20 years in business and it's hard to just change that, even when you have to. >> let's listen to what mitt romney said regarding the wall of obfuscation. >> what has come from the president's campaign has been a series of attacks on me for my private sector work, for which i'm very proud, most recently the olympics which i'm also very proud of and of course my leadership in massachusetts. i think i was able to by virtue of having a great team, able to achieve wonderful things there as well. >> john -- >> he's proud of all those things. funny that he doesn't talk about them more. >> that's the thing. >> the things i'm proud of, i talk about a lot. >> we know that. we know that, actually. but it
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, the president has stopped using teleprompters at his rallies, a symbolic moves that shows he and his campaign may have found their groove. john heilemann, new fresh meat online from the national view, an interview with mitt romney in which mitt romney is asked about his taxes and he says i'm simply not enthusiastic about giving them hundreds or thousands of more pages to pick through, distort and lie about. we'll get to the comments he had on bain in a second. >> you wouldn't be enthusiastic about that either, would you? especially if you had that many pages of tax returns. >> exactly. >> signifies you have a lot of taxable income. >> but your colleague, your friend, your co-author, mark halperin, writes about the obama campaign and how they sort of orchestrated this the last couple weeks and said they parcelled out their opposition research in a manner both strategic and tactical and there is more to come, for sure. why has team romney not at this point developed an adequate response? other than i'm not enthusiastic. >> to what? >> i'm simply not enthusiastic about releasing the paperwork? >
. instead, he's used this weird timeline of '99 to 22 when all the bad stuppen, wast ther >> rht. it a pduct of e romy campgn'sttem t kp ts incriblysile. the primy, t se domentwere kicngrounn therima andhe cpaig wod ner enge i them directly. the republicans opponents were shopping them around but they backgrounded reporters, tked portsut o wringbout it. ey kt evythi ver abract thers a sayg i y're explning youe losi. th clely bieve it theyave t explained everything. in a presidential campaign that's not an option. the heat sometimes gets so hot, you have to explain, you have to enga. whheyave suceded i doinisushi ahe exanatn in theumme and ll,hen eyould he de it lt ar. >>ow y'retartgo s repuicanqueson st of at'soing onnd howhey are handling this. politico has a fairly extensive rost of prominent republican strategists saying you guy a going toave tacklth. jonaan bnste in t ashiton st" ys d repuicanforg to t romn? i ink he genec republican candidate and i have no idea whether the media and the obama campaign will learn anything that makes him look worse th that. it's just that we usuallyave a
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)